Carmel's new novel, Red Shoes, was published in Australia as a Vintage paperback in February, accompanied by a CD-Rom. The novel is in two parts -- The Narrative and The Footnote. The first few chapters and their footnotes are available here.
Red Shoes occupies the wild air of the marvellous. An angel is assigned as guardian to an evil woman who leads a millennial cult of which the foundation is baby girls stolen from their mothers. The angel must continually examine his own moral position as he hovers beside the woman and observes child-stealing, violence, rape and murder committed in the name of religion. And the angel's voice is one of cool, seductive clarity.
Part of the angel's fascination with modern technology is his love of hypertext and interactive multi-media. The fruit of this love is the CD-Rom that accompanies the book. With image, sound, animation and hypertext, the CD-Rom of Red Shoes gives readers of this novel a new experience of narrative.

'Original, imaginative and thoughtful'. So said Stephanie Dale in The Weekend Magazine. Read her review.

Ann Skea writes: 'Carmel Bird has written a horribly fascinating story, and much of its fascination is achieved through [the narrator] Beau, whose quirky character becomes evident as he tells the story. In a matter-of-fact tone and with sundry off-hand comments, Beau discloses a tale which is worthy of the Brothers Grimm at their grimmest.' The review will appear in a forthcoming number of Australian Book Review and is online at OzLit. You can read the review here -- but remember, please come back.


Extracts from Red Shoes


Chapter 1:


The Central Blood-red Chamber of the Kingdom of the Heart


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