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Maps Of The World With Dog This story was commissioned for an anthology to be edited by Debra Adelaide for Random House in 2003. I have given here only the first few hundred words of the text, and will add the remainder when the book is published.
Open For Inspection A new Courtney Frome novel
Chapter One
Papers From Byron Bay Papers From Byron Bay
Australian federal election 2004

Australian federal election 2004

NOTE: This story will make more sense to Australians.

Fair Game - The Story Of The ‘Princess Royal’

I have drawn historical material from the diary of Catherine Price, from the ship’s records, and from letters exchanged between Governor Arthur of Van Diemen’s Land and Viscount Goderich and other authorities in England.

The Fat/Skin/Jesus Solution A lecture to students of Creative Writing at Deakin University -
May 2002
Gentlemen Start Your Nailguns Reflections on the Sale of Real Estate in Melbourne (1840 - 2002)
Readers' And Teachers' Guide To - The Essential Bird

A Guide
For Readers/\Teachers/\Students
~~The Essential Bird~~
In Consultation With The Author

Cherry Black Velvet Thoughts 'Shades of Noir - film and novel' a seminar at the International Federation of Teachers of English, Melbourne 2003
September Eleven Quilt Exhibition September Eleven Quilt Exhibition
What World is This from Best Stories Under the Sun 2004
Cape Grimm The first focus of the narrative is on the far north west tip of Tasmania, at a place called Cape Grimm, named by Matthew Flinders when he and George Bass explored the waters in the region in 1798.
Cats And Dogs Of Spain  
Who Am I This is a story of friendship and the power of the written word.
A Memoir Of Auberon Waugh  
About Carmel Bird an entry from The Oxford Companion to Australian Literature
Automatic Teller A provocative collection of stories and essays in which Carmel Bird meditates on the heart, mind and inspiration.
Automatic Teller: A Telephone Call for Genevieve Snow
Automatic Teller: Afterword
Automatic Teller: Conservatory
Automatic Teller: Fact or Fiction - Who Knows, Who Cares
Automatic Teller: Introduction
Burning Desire: a reflection on writing, inspiration and imagination a reflection on writing, inspiration and imagination
Anthologies The Penguin Century of Australian Stories
The Stolen Children
Daughters & Fathers
Red Hot Notes
Australian Short Stories
Reviewer: Dorothy Johnston
Canberra Times 14/02/04
Writing Manuals Writing Manuals
Children's Books Children's Books
Reviews & Interviews Review Of Cape Grimm
Review Of The White Garden
Review Of Cape Grimm
Interview 2006
Short Stories "A Telephone Call For Genevieve Snow"
"The Isolation of the Deciding Factor"
"The Golden Moment"
"Made Glorious Summer"
"My Beloved is Mine"
"Fair Game"
"Waiting to be Seated"
"Her Voice Was Full Of Money"
Memoirs Summer at Port Arthur 1953
Essays "Reflections on Keeping a Writer's Journal"
"Jane Campion's Piano"
"Living in the Suburbs"
"Maps of the World with Dog"
"A Memoir of Auberon Waugh"
Literary Novels Child of the Twilight
Cape Grimm
Red Shoes
The White Garden
The Bluebird Café

The Essential Bird
Automatic Teller
The Common Rat
Woodpecker Point
Births, Deaths and Marriages

Latest Books

Home Truth
Child of the Twilight

Crime & Comic Novels

Unholy Writ
Open for Inspection
Cherry Ripe

Review Of The White Garden Reviewer: Nicholas Birns - Antipodes 1995

Literary Novels
Crime & Comic
Short Story
How To Write

Australian Short Stories  
Carmel Bird - Books At The Beach House  
Gender and Writing The following essay celebrates the 1999 republication of my comic novel Crisis
Eastern Libraries Short Story Competition 2000 The following piece is the transcript of a speech I made at the Belgrave Library where I was invited to judge a competition in the writing of short stories.
Carmel Bird - My First Typewriter  
Translating Paradise This is an essay I wrote for the new collection The Nature of Gardens which is edited by Peter Timms, published by Allen and Unwin
Penguin Century Of Australian Stories

Edited by Carmel Bird
First Published by Penguin Australia in 2000
Republished by Penguin 2007

from The White Garden The Elephant Thoughts Of Ambrose Goddard
Unholy Writ A crime novel - shortlisted for the Ned Kelly Award in 2000
Cherry Ripe A rich poetic narrative that chronicles the lives of three generations of Tasmanian women
Chinese Carpets An essay
Crisis First published under the pen name Jack Power later published under the author's own name
Daughters and Fathers Reflections In My Father's Mirrors
from Dear Writer Dear Writer was first published by McPhee Gribble in 1988 and later in the UK by Virago
Dear Writer: Preface  Author's Preface To The New Edition
Dear Writer: Letter One So You Wanted to be Agatha Christie
The importance of writing about about things you know
Dear Writer: Letter Two 'A' for Alive; 'D' for Dead
The use of Adverbs and Adjectives
Dear Writer: Letter Three Top and Tail
Looking at Beginnings and Endings
The Isolation Of The Deciding Factor Published 2003 in Forever Shores - ed Peter Macnamara & Margaret Winch - Wakefield Press
Double Fatality  
Cries Unheard

By Gitta Sereny - a brief review

Fresh Blood, Old Wounds: Tasmania and Guns An essay
The Black Virgin of Guadalupe  
Interview From Atlantis Journal ‘Time and Tide’: An Interview with Carmel Bird
Jenni And The Poets Essay published in Overland, a quarterly magazine of Australian poetry
Keep Off The Grass Bird On The Wire
An online column by Australian writer Carmel Bird. No. 11
The Mouth A short novel for young teenagers
Made Glorious Summer Published in Meanjin (November 2002) and also in Best Australian Essays 2002
My Beloved is Mine and I am His  
Not Now Jack -- I'm Writing a Novel A novel… gives readers and writers rare insights into the imaginatiion and life of a fiction writer, into the way a story develops from the germ of an idea to the finished work
P.D. Hepworth, Architect from The Common Rat
PDF files available for download

From Red Shoes
From The White Garden
From The Bluebird Cafe
From Crisis
From Automatic Teller
From Dear Writer
From The Common Rat
From Daughters And Fathers
A Story
Burning Desire
Fresh Blood, Old Wounds
A Desperate Act
The Piano

Possum Bird On The Wire
An online column by Australian writer Carmel Bird. No. 12
Pussyfoot Published 2003 in Forever Shores - ed Peter Macnamara & Margaret Winch
Red Hot Notes An anthology
Red Hot Notes, Introduction  
Red Shoes, review by Stephanie Dale Weekend Magazine, The Australian, February 1998
Red Shoes: Chapter One  
Red Shoes: Chapter Two  
Red Shoes: Chapter Three  
Red Shoes: Chapter Four  
Red Shoes: Chapter Five  
Red Shoes: Index to sample chapters Extracts from Red Shoes, a novel and CD-Rom by Australian writer Carmel Bird
Red Shoes: The Footnote Saint Bartholomew
Red Shoes: The Footnote Couch
Red Shoes: The Footnote Scarlet
Red Shoes: The Footnote The Snow Queen
Red Shoes: The Footnote Scheherazade
Red Shoes: The Footnote Catherine de' Medici (1519‚1589)
My Suburb 2001  
The Bluebird Cafe  
The Cassowary's Quiz This is a picture book for children from age three.
The Common Rat Twenty-nine stories and essays bring into sharp focus the beauty violence and irony of everyday life.
The Girl in the Freud Museum  
The Man in the Red Car from Not Now Jack -- I'm Writing a Novel
The Piano An essay on Jane Campion's film
The Piano, essay by Carmel Bird (pt1)  
The Piano, essay by Carmel Bird (pt2)  
The Picture of Doreen Gray  
The Golden Moment  
The Stolen Children - Their Stories Editor's Introduction
The Stolen Children - Their Stories Introduction (part one)
The Stolen Children - Their Stories Introduction (part two)
The Stolen Children - Their Stories Introduction (part three)
The White Garden The White Garden is a compelling portrait of a man whose lust for power is expressed in his treatment of psychiatric patients
The White Garden - Chapter 28 The Violetta Letters
The White Garden, review by Nicholas Birns from Antipodes
TheWhite Garden, review by Michael Sharkey The Australian, October 1995
Waiting to be Seated  
Writing a Novel A web piece by Carmel Bird
Archive from Dec 1998 to Nov 2006
Birhs Deaths and Marriages This is a collection of short fiction published in 1983
Exit Queen Victoria The essay published in Meanjin the literary magazine from Melbourne University - December 2001
from Cherry Ripe Chapter One
from Crisis Chapter One
from The Bluebird Cafe Chapter One
Federation And Bunyip Bluegum a brief reflection on an Australian literary canon
from Automatice Teller The Horse Might Talk
Climbing The Hills Of Nowhere  Growing Up As A Writer In Tasmania The lecture delivered as the Second McDermott Lecture at the University of Barcelona, December, 2001
Indigenous Characters In Australian Fiction This text was delivered as a talk at the University of Granada in December 2001
jayneyre@window Part 1
jayneyre@window Part 2
jayneyre@window Part 3
Mathinna A Short Strange Secret Misty Smoky Mysterious History
Reading An essay
Ties of Blood Short Story translated into Czech
Review - Century Of Australian Stories By Sian Pryor on ABC Radio National (Australia)
from The Woodpecker Toy Fact This collection of short fiction was published in Australia with the title The Woodpecker Toy Fact and in USA with the title Woodpecker Point.
Writing Memoir The ultimate guide to writing memoir